Personalised T shirts : How an everyday t shirt can be turned into a Branding Tool?

With new trends and changing fashion, we buy tons of new outfits and throw them out early enough. But some items like jeans and T shirts can never be replaced.

T shirts are the most common item to be branded with almost anything. They can be accessorised with everything to smarten up the look. They are now topping the list of essentials as part of a wardrobe. Worn both by men and women, comfort and is what underpins their success. Their style, cut and pattern might have changed since the beginning, but the craze hasn’t yet taken a back seat. When you think about it, they are owned by possibly every living person.

Customisation of T shirts

After maturing into an apparel that is loved and worn by all, Tshirts entered the era of evolution. They are now an iconic item adorned by almost all youth. Baggy styles, loose on all sides were the new fad. Next came prints of favourite bands on dark colored t shirts. The patterns or designs kept on changing, giving a platform to the printing industry to bloom. T Shirts with slogans became popular as part of the pop culture and grows every day.

The slogans were used to be about a team or campaign were they in support of. Rock concerts were the most intriguing thing of that era and fans did everything possible to show their attachment to their idols. Getting printed t shirts was the easiest way to show  the love for their brand, or in most cases to be part of a group and to fit in.

The printing industry went a step ahead with custom made t shirts. With the commencement of 1980’s corporates had also started understand the importance of the printing industry. They saw printed t shirts as a way to boost their sales by creating space in their marketplace.

Many industries that worked on the motto of popularity understood how important it is to make their brand seen. Printed or customised t shirts with logos was their new tool for business promotions. When this trend, gained momentum government as well as non profit organizations used it to.

Retailers got their company logos or taglines printed and distributed them as a token at events, seminars or summits. They created bulk orders to distribute them in meetings to a large amount of people associated with them. Sometimes, printed T shirts were also used a as part of a goodie bag distributed in schools or events. Apart from this, they were also given as a prize to winners in competitions.

With advancements in printing it was possible on a variety of T shirts that matched any companies colour and design needs. This tool, is used as branding can now be printed in various ways like three dimension, two dimension, digital print and in specialist cases in 3D.


Printed t shirts apart from acting as publicity tools, are used to make an impression or send a message. Simple t shirts with slogans speak a lot about someone’s character or persuasion without even needing to speak to them. They portray a person’s thoughts and individuality. They also make a kind of style statement in other people’s eyes. And if you have a design of your own, you can get that printed too.

tshirt slogan

No matter how quirky or courageous the message is, if you want the world to read it, have a play with online T shirt tools.