What print method best suits my T shirt design ?

There are various print methods available to make your own t shirt, screen printing is best suited to designs, that do not have areas with shading or fade outs in the design, and each colour to be printed, is called a spot colour, normally the line screen is not high enough, to give a smooth transition for shaded designs, which means it will be a Grainy, or not smooth appearance, and not recommended for full colour designs, or shaded designs. And because it is a spot colour print method, the required use of a screen and film for each spot colour also makes it expensive for multiple colour designs or small quantities. So larger quantities, and less print colours, and artwork without shading, are best for this printing style. Visit our home page www.makeyourowntshirt.com.au to see more.

The other main method used for T-shirt printing, is the new digital format called, direct to garment printing, where the ink is sprayed and absorbed into the T-shirt fabric. This is an excellent print style for small amounts of shirts, with unlimited design colours in them, and there is no need for screens or films, therefore lowering set up costs, and it is excellent for full colour designs because of that fact. There are also a few other printing methods for T-shirts, for example sublimation printing, which allows for an all over complete coverage print style, commonly used for team uniforms, or even fishing style shirts, or colourful corporate uniforms.This style allows for any design in unlimited print colours, that reaches all around the complete garment. Although the shirts have to be of a 100% polyester material style, or the print will not have a good look. There are a few other styles of printing like flock and transfer prints, and even a pressure emboss style, but these are not commonly used these days.

Can I sell my design ?

Yes you can sell your design, if you come up with a design that looks great, and you would like to try selling some of them, we can set up an area on our store for you, and we can for a small fee, process the sale on our site, with regards to the order payment transactions for you, and deliver them direct to your customers. You could even promote them in different ways, like letting people know about your designs via Face book etc, to gain more sales. There are now a few websites where you can get royalty free photos for printing, just make sure your concept meets the usage conditions of those websites, and you maybe can get a great picture, that you could add text to, and make your own T shirt. Visit our home page www.makeyourowntshirt.com.au to see more.