Design Your Own T Shirt

The advent of modern digital T-shirt printing technology made it so easy to get almost any text, image or logo printed onto a t-shirt any other type of clothing. So far, you get a reputable t-shirt printing company online, you can usually get very good print quality which will dazzle you and your friends, and inspire you to keep on designing your own t-shirts, so often it becomes a hobby. The design process itself is so simple and enjoyable.

There are two ways to design your shirt. You can now design a T-Shirt online, upload images, add text and see exactly what you get before it is printed. Custom printed T-Shirts can be created at the click of a button.

You can also design your shirt manually. You just need to prepare the graphic to be printed in your transfer sheet, iron it then after a few minutes you can already wear your very own unique shirt.

As T-shirts are made for simple and casual wear, they’re the most common clothing item too. Meanwhile, you could add your individual touch to these t-shirts by designing your own. Never mind, you need not be an artist to design your own t-shirt. Just a few straightforward strategies and you’ll manage to come up with your own customized t-shirt.

One of the best and the most fun ways to design a t-shirt is polka dots. They’re lovely, enjoyable and simple to draw too. Paint small dots if you want a cutesy effect. However, in case you are aiming at a more dramatic look, then go for bigger sized dots. Make sure that you draw dots in a color that is in contrast to the color of the t-shirt.

Express your passion or your likes by way of t-shirt art. We all have something that we personally love or adore. This can include favorite flowers, celebs, food items and even a product. You can put on view your love for any of these by printing them on your t-shirt.

How about painting something on your t-shirt? No, you need not be painting incredibly creative designs on your t-shirt. Even the simplest of design or patterns may work just as well. For example, you can draw different phases of the moon, hearts, candies, and other such simple patterns. And, if you can’t sketch, you can draw basic shapes such as triangles or squares or employ a professional.

Designing a T-shirt Online

If you are thinking of designing your own T-shirt, there are a few options open to you. Different sites have different procedures. Some are very user-friendly and simple to use. The big advantage of creating your own T-Shirt online at a dedicated website is they provide all the tools and assets you will need. The whole process can take as little as a few minutes and not waste a large part of your day. Designing your own T-Shirt online can be a pleasurable, simple and fulfilling experience.

Why design your business t-shirt online?

Having all the tools you need, in one convenient location makes the design process as simple as possible. For business owners, this keeps costs low and time spent to a minimum. Having large libraries of graphics at your fingerprints is not only convenient but provides lots of creative choices. These graphics libraries include images and vector art. In addition to these, you will have the opportunity to upload and use any image of your choosing (providing it conforms to the websites rules). As a non-designer, you will be walked, step-by-step through the design process to a final product.

The three main steps to take

You first need to search and visit online sites offering an online option to create T-Shirts. There are many to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s for you to decide which one matches your needs and fits within your budget.

Next is the beginning of the design process itself. Having chosen a site, this process now begins with the opportunity to select a style of T-Shirt that suits your needs. This will include the selection of sizes and colours.

The final process, prior to final ordering, is the choosing of any images, logos or text for use in your design. This stage is where you will make most of your decisions. There are hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from. Having an idea of what your design should look like beforehand will help keep the time spent on this stage to a minimum. If you have the time to spare, trying different options can be a lot of fun.

Having committed to a final design, you can now go ahead and place your order. One thing to keep in mind is most websites offer discounts for making bulk orders. If you are purchasing many T-Shirts for your employees, the discount offered might be something you want to consider during the initial research.

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Design your own T-shirt for custom printing

The custom T-shirt designing business is currently thriving. Designing your own clothing will only become more popular as people look for more control and individuality over what they wear. Finding a unique item often means paying a high premium for the exclusivity. Designing your own garments online, allows you to experience uniqueness at a fraction of the cost.

While you may be looking for a custom designed T-Shirt, there are also options for custom designing other items of clothing such as sweatshirts, shorts, sportswear and any item of clothing that can be printed on. You may need a hat or scarf with a custom design. You can also design custom accessories; bags, umbrellas, cups etc.

With so many online companies offering a custom design option, it’s important to look at all the available options and find the one that best matches your needs. While they may all offer a similar service, there are enough differences to make this an important consideration.

If you already have a design in mind, you can save yourself a lot of time when it comes to the design process. Web sites offer many design options; you could spend an entire day trying different possibilities. If you have limited time, you should, at least, be prepared in advance and have some design ideas prior to starting.

Design a gift for someone special

A custom designed T-Shirt or another item of clothing makes a great gift. With a large variety of text and graphic image options, you can design a unique gift for any occasion. Perhaps you just want to create something for that special someone in your life. Custom designed clothing is a great way to show how much you care.

The design process

Choose from among the many companies who provide the online tools needed to create custom designed item of clothing. If you have no design skills, you can still create a unique and exciting design as the tools make the process easy. Just choose from the supplied images and graphics or provide your own image. A large variety of images will work but they must conform to the sites rules and meet certain specifications. Most images can be adapted to work if needed.

Final thoughts

Custom designed clothing and accessories are very popular today. In these modern times, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is one way to express a real uniqueness and individuality. Not to mention the cost is much less than purchasing a unique item of clothing from a store.

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