Wanting to Design your own t-shirt

Let’s start at the beginning. Before you can make your own t shirt with your own custom t shirt print, you need to have a printer. We’ve been through many printers over the years, so trust us when we say, you need the right printer. When we started, we did our research. We wanted someone close by and someone who was good, so we looked around and found someone who met all the criteria—or so we thought. We definitely found local and cost effective, but good eluded us. Don’t get us wrong; at the time we started, we thought our shirts were great. Today, we look back and question the quality.

Sometimes it’s the little things like color fidelity and registration clarity. Unless you’ve been in the clothing industry all your life, you need to find a printer who knows more about ink, fabric, and production than you. Look round until you find the right team. They’ll make a better product for you.

In addition to the printing learning curve we had in the early days, we had also experienced a few basic opportunities with quality control. In fact, our entire first custom t shirt design batch had to be re-printed because of a basic issue with the curing process. These kinds of issues eventually led us to switch to a company that has a tremendous reputation for professional, high-quality work. And they deserved it.

So if you are wanting to make your own t shirt then please do so, might I suggest that you try our design your own t-shirt tool, we have done all the hard work for you. We only use the highest quality t shirts because if you are going to make a custom t shirt, then you should start with the best shirts you can find. Then the printing, we have shared our experience with printing, so unless you can afford the time to make the mistakes and learn from them as we have, then jump right in to our online designer and make your own t shirt today.