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Regarding Promotional T Shirts, below you will find answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions. Please let us know if you still have any other questions, or suggestions of answers, to add to this page about Promotional T Shirts. Delivery throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Clothing Size Tips

  • 1. Get a shirt you now own, that currently fits you good.
  • 2. Lay it flat on a table, and take the measurements from armpit to armpit.
  • 3. To compare these sizes, please copy and paste the selected link below into your browser to view more information on this subject:

Design Details, Background Removal and Copyright

  • Q: Do you have a coloured background that you do not want printed?
  • A: Email the artwork to us, and we can see if we can remove it for you free of charge!
  • Q: My artwork design does not seem to be centered, will it print alright?
  • A: We can check it for you, and if it is not centered, or if it is a pocket style design, we will fix it. If any doubts we will confirm (via phone) with you first.
  • Q: Uploading design scans?
  • A: Start by scanning a copy of your photo or drawing, etc. Adjust your scanner settings to high or '600dpi'. Then convert the file to a .jpg or .png type, or open up the image and select 'save as' and choose a .jpg or .png. Finally, email your image to us.
  • Q: What type of files can I use?
  • A: Choose artwork that does not look fuzzy/blurry when you enlarge it on your computer screen (an image with 200dpi or higher is good). A transparent background is also best, but if you do not have this, then email it to us with a request to remove the background and we will do so free of charge!
    Best files types: .png, .gif, .jpg
  • Q: Are my designs/intellectual property and personal information safe/won't be sold?
  • A: We are legally bound by copyright and intellectual property law to protect your designs. We have previously printed for artists, companies and events, all who specify their designs to be secure. We have a secure website which keeps your designs, in an offline privately run datacenter, which is only available to you with a login and password. We do not give out samples of your designs and your artwork is deleted from our systems after printing.


  • Q: What feel and look do the prints have?
  • A: Printing is done by the industry leading Brother GT782 and GT381 printers, which use premium soft feeling, eco friendly inks direct from Japan. Our prints last much longer than many other printers. They aren't thick or have a plastic feel to them like many other prints. We don't use tacky heat transfers, because they can look unprofessional, they crack, fade and also peel after only a few washes.
  • Q: What print methods do you use?
  • A: We use digital direct to garment printing (NOT transfers), and silkscreen printing styles. These methods offer professional print washability.
  • Q: How long do the prints last?
  • A: The direct to garment prints will last over 50 washes with care, our volume order printing style (screenprinting on over 25 units) will last for years.
  • Q: How do I care for my shirt?
  • A: Cold water gentle wash inside out, iron inside out (only if you must), do not tumble dry and don't dry in direct sunlight.

Shipping Information

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Handy Tips

  • For Handy Tips on how to use the online designer, please copy and paste the selected link below into your browser to view more information on this subject:

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